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Planar Monolithics Industries, Inc. is very proud to announce that effective December 17, 2003 PMI has become ISO 9001:2000 Certified for the following scope of registration: Research, Development, Custom Design and Manufacture of RF/ Microwave Components, Super Components and Subsystems, in the DC to 40 GHz Frequency Range.  Please click here to see PMI's ISO Certificate.



PMI Model No.: HBDFM-218-BD-DP, is a High Band Direction Finding Module from 2.0-18.0 GHz, Uni-Directional, Multi-Function Device that routes the signal present at the RF Input Connector through one of its four channels to the RF Output Connector, to amplitude modulate the input signal.  The input and output ports can be switched to internal 50 Ohm terminations to ensure matched source and load impedance for interfacing devices during off-times and Isolation or VSWR tests.


  Frequency Range 2.0-18.0 GHz
  RF Input Signal Level Range 0 dBm to +3 dBm Typ., +6 dBm Max
  RF Input Spectral Purity Input Spurious Levels - 60 dBc Max.
Input Harmonic Levels - 10 dBc Max.
  RF Input Signal-To-Noise Ratio 70 dB Min.
  RF Output Power Level and
   Gain Compression
Power Out = +21 dBm Min. at all frequencies with Input Power = +0 dBm and Attenuation set at minimum, Gain Compression at 0.9 dB maximum under these conditions
  RF Output Spectral Purity -60 dBc Max. for Spurious Signals and Harmonic Signals
  Noise Figure 8.5 dB Max @ Min Attenuation
  Macro-Gain Flatness Amplitude Taper 8.0 dB Max Peak-To-Peak @ -10 dBm Input
  Fine-Grain Gain Flatness 3.0 dB Max Peak-To-Peak  for any 40 MHz Bandwidth @ -10 dBm Input
  VSWR 2.0:1, RF Input, RF Output
Pulse Modulator Switch:
  Control TTL Logic "0"=Insertion Loss, "1"=Isolation
  Isolation 60 dBc Minimum
  Switching Speed
          Rise Time
          Fall Time

10 nS Max (10% RF to 90% RF)
10 nS Max (90% RF to 10% RF)
  Delay Symmetry Delay Symmetry between on/off to be 10 nS Max
  P-Pod Video Generation -60 dBm Max @ Pulsing to TTL "0" for 25 nS at a 2 MHz Rate
DF/Level Attenuator:
  Attenuation Range 64 dB
  Number of Bits 8
  LSB 0.25 dB
  Control TTL, Positive-True
  Resolution 0.25 dB (LSB)
  Commands 0 dB = 0OH, 64 dB = FFh
  Switching Time 700 nS Max to 1 dB of Final Attenuation Value
  Repeatability 0.125 dB Max
Switched Filters:
  Switching Speed 700 nS Max
  DC Power Inputs +5 VDC 3% @ 250 mA Max.
+12 VDC 5% @ 3,333 mA Max.
-15 VDC 5% @ 250 mA Max.
DCV Ripple: Up to 250 mV Peak-To-Peak @ 40 KHz to 40 MHz


Available Options:

Please contact the factory for additional options.


Environmental Ratings:

  Ambient Temperature +20C to +40C (Operating)
-20C to +70C (Storage)
  Humidity 20 to 50% Non-Condensing (Operating)
0 to 85% Non-Condensing (Storage)
  Drop-Test Survival Height 0 (Operating)
0 (Storage)
  Vibration As experienced by interior rack mount equipment (Operating), As experienced by commercial land and aircraft cargo (Storage
  Altitude 0 to 10,000 Feet Above Mean Sea Level (Operating)
0 to 40,000 Feet Above Mean Sea Level (Survival)
  Heat Sink +25 to +35C Mounting Surface comprised of 2 Oz. Copper Clad Fiber or 0.052 Inch Thick Aluminum Plate
  Air Flow 10 CFM Minimum Continuous Forced Air (Operating)
  Warm-Up Time 10 Minutes with DC Power Applied, RF Off (Operating)


Outline Drawing:

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