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Planar Monolithics Industries, Inc. is very proud to announce that effective December 17, 2003 PMI has become ISO 9001:2000 Certified for the following scope of registration: Research, Development, Custom Design and Manufacture of RF/ Microwave Components, Super Components and Subsystems, in the DC to 40 GHz Frequency Range.  Please click here to see PMI's ISO Certificate.


PMI MODEL NUMBER: PS-360-DC-3 Option 618

PMI Model No.: PS-360-DC-3 Option 618 is an 8-Bit Digital Controlled

Phase Shifter operating from the 6 to 18 GHz Frequency Range.  The
Phase Shifter has a 360˚ Range, and is High Speed (< 50 nS).

Product Feature:
Click here to see the Product Feature on PS-360-DC-3 Option 618

Outline Drawing:

Outline Drawing of PS-360-DC-3 Option 618

Test Report on First Unit dated May 25, 2008:

Test Report on First Unit of PS-360-DC-3 Option 618

Test Report on Second Unit dated January 15, 2008:
Test Report on Second Unit of PS-360-DC-3 Option 618

Detailed Test Report:
Detailed Test Report on PS-360-DC-3 Option 618
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Press Release:
Press Release on PS-360-DC-3 Option 618